This 1947 'don't be a sucker' film warning Americans against racism is going viral. Remind you of anything?

United States President Donald Trump was widely criticised for his inflammatory defence of his slow condemnation of white supremacists.

As people pointed out, the President was quick to apportion blame on both sides of the protests, and in the process defended neo-Nazis.

There should no longer be a debate over subjects like white supremacists, neo-Nazis and fascists in a modern society. As many people on both sides of politics pointed out.

Paul Ryan could have addressed Donald Trump directly. But anyway...

Following the events in Charlottesville, a 1947 film from the US War Department is being shared.

The film warns against the dangers of populism and racist ideologies, admonishing those who become swept up in its rhetoric. It points out that in buying in to such politics of racist nationalism, they splinter the communities that form the nation.

The anti-xenophobic nature of the propaganda film also becomes a bit contrived when you consider that the cold war developed in the decades following - but let's not demigrate an important message, that divisive rhetoric exists for a purpose.

You can watch the full video below:

People have been tweeting about it recently:

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