The difference between Donald Trump and Barack Obama's Christmas in two tweets

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As we all know Donald Trump and Barack Obama don't have a lot in common.

Despite being consecutive Presidents they don't tend to have the same approach to things.

This was very noticeable at Halloween. Now that it is Christmas the gap between the two has become even greater - at least in terms of social media presence.

Trump has spent most of Christmas Eve tweeting about "fake news," sharing things he learned from Fox and retweeting memes that had been sent to him - such as the following:

Yes, the President actually retweeted that.

For Obama, things were a little more wholesome, respectful and in keeping with the season.

As Helen Kennedy, a political reporter formerly of the NY Daily News and the Boston Herald noted, there's a bit of a difference in tone in two specific tweets:

Just to prove it here are the two tweets in question.

First Trump's:

Now Obama's:

We're not sure what you think, but it seems like it may not be a very Merry Christmas in the Trump White House this year.

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