What exactly is a 'blood moon' eclipse?

Right-wingers are convinced there will be a wave of Republicans voted into office on Election Day because of a coincidental moon tie between Donald Trump's birthday and November 8th.

During the early morning hours on Tuesday, a total blood moon lunar eclipse occurred.

It's the same type of lunar eclipse that happened on June 14, 1946 - otherwise known as Trump's birthday.

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While the astronomical events could be chalked up to coincidence, some right-wingers see it as a sign from above that Republicans will win a majority of midterm elections.

On Twitter, several people pointed out moon ties between Trump's birthday and Election Day, including conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec.

Upon learning that Trump's birthday and Election Day both experienced a blood moon, right-wingers shared their theories that a "red tsunami" or "red wave" was approaching.

Some used the blood moon as motivation for people to vote.

Other people thought the blood moon coincidence meant Trump would announce he is running for re-election in 2024.

The November blood moon is the last time the Earth will see a blood moon lunar eclipse for three years.

It is also the last time a blood moon will land on Election Day until 2394.

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