This is what Donald Trump said about executive orders in the past


President of the United States Donald Trump has so far signed 35 Presidential actions.

This rush of activity, weeks into his presidency, has led people to draw attention to this old tweet.

At the time of his tweet, Barack Obama had signed 132 executive orders, at a rate of around 0.73 executive orders a week.

On Monday Donald Trump signed his 16th executive order, the second version of his previous failure of an executive order that authorised a 'travel ban' on visitors from predominately Muslim countries.

This sixteenth order it took his rate to around 2.4 executive orders a week.

People began pointing out that his previous tweet was starting to look hypocritical.

Tuesday 7 March represents Donald Trump's 47th day in the oval office.

President Barack Obama's tally of executive actions is available to all on the archived Obama White House website.

As of the close of business on his 47th day in office, President Barack Obama had signed 40 Presidential Actions, including 16 Executive Orders, 13 Presidential Memos, and six Proclamations.

  • Executive Orders are assigned numbers and published in the federal register. They typically instruct in new policies or directives.
  • Presidential Memoranda do not have to be published or numbered, and typically delegate tasks to congress.
  • Proclamations are ceremonial observances carrying the full weight of the law.

Think "The Emancipation Proclamation".

Here's how they compare:

To be fair, President Trump has fallen under President Obama's tally so far.

However, it is true that President Donald Trump has signed more Executive Orders than President Obama had at this point in his Presidency:

So the point of his critic's still stands.

Donald can't talk.

President Obama went on to sign 267 executive orders during his time in office.

We should probably expect Donald Trump to slow down after the initial flurry too, right?

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