Donald Trump Jr says it would be 'good' if father still had …

Donald Trump Jr. shocked people on Friday by posting a bizarre meme of his sister, Ivanka Trump, alongside a woman with prosthetic breasts.

The eldest Trump is well-known for posting memes about his family online. He's caught the public's attention from posting a photoshopped meme of his father as George Washington, comparing Democrats to OJ Simpson, and more.

Yet Friday's meme seemed to put an extra sour taste in people's mouths.

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The four square image showed the same photo of Ivanka in a pink top three times, then one photo of a woman with prosthetic breasts in a similar pink top.

"Wheels on the shopping cart be like" the meme read.

Trump Jr. wrote in the caption, "Sorry [Ivanka Trump] what kind of big brother would I really be if I showed restraint and didn't post this??"

People found the meme uncomfortable given the two are brother and sister.

"Proof the whole Trump family is f***ed up," Mike wrote on Twitter.

"I literally shuddered when I saw this," Holly wrote.

"What a bunch of weirdos," Sal tweeted.

The other woman featured in the meme is a transgender woman and woodworking teacher from Canada named Kayla Lemieux. Lemieux has been at the center of backlash online for wearing large prosthetic breasts to class.

Trump Jr. is just one of many who have mocked the teacher online.

Despite backlash, Lemieux's school district board has defended her saying they are standing with her and protecting her gender rights.

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