Donald Trump on North Korea: it's totally China's problem

Donald Trump says that China is going to sort out North Korea for us, so we can all calm down.

Trump's got a few different obsessions. Guns, racial profiling and (probably) hairspray to name a few and, as the video of him repeating it over again for three minutes proves, China. Or TCHYNA!

This week, an announcement from the top secret state of North Korea claimed it had tested the hydrogen bomb.

But, according to Trump, we don't need to worry about it because... er, it's China's problem.

When questioned about foreign policy and North Korea during a CNN interview, Trump took a "not my monkeys, not my circus" attitude, saying: "China should solve that problem and we should put pressure on China to solve the problem." Right.

He went on to explain that while China have said they lack control over North Korea, he doesn't buy it.

They say they don't have much control over North Korea, they have total control over North Korea.

His brilliant plan to strong arm China into dealing with North Korea? Imposing taxes until they do as they're told, of course! How could that possibly go wrong?

The GOP presidential candidate rounded off the interview by saying he's totally over America "helping" other countries, such as US ally South Korea.

"South Korea is a money machine. They pay us peanuts, South Korea should pay us and pay us very substantially for protecting them."


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