Donald Trump tweeted about protests and everyone is making the same joke

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This weekend, actors and directors held a demonstration against President of the United States Donald Trump and for refugees, instead of their annual Oscars party.

Actor and director Jodie Foster gave an impassioned speech in which she warned the crowd:

This year is a very different year and it's time to show up. It's the singular time in history. It's time to engage.

We know the first attack on democracy is an assault on free expression and civil liberties and this relentless war on truth. Unfortunately, it's too familiar because history repeats itself. No matter where you're born and no matter who you voted for, red or blue, whether you're white, black or brown and all the colours of the identity rainbow - this is our time to resist.

It's our time to show up and demand answers. It's our time to tell our elected officials to do their job.

She addressed 1,200 protesters outside the LA headquarters of United Talent Agency, which held the demonstration instead of the usual party.

Jeremy Zimmer, CEO of United Talent Agency, told CNN:

We're standing in unity with our artists, and we're standing in unity with all people who are concerned about what's happening with our government and in this country right now.

Presumably the message had been received by the President of the United States, who tweeted Saturday morning:

People quickly saw the obvious joke:

People also pointed out that, if we're counting by people rather than by electoral college, Donald Trump would have lost the election:

And then there was this zinger:

Donald really doesn't like mornings, does he?

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