Trump backed Dr Oz for Senate because he called him a 'healthy ...

A video of Dr. Mehmet Oz pretending to grocery shop at "Wegners" and complaining about the price of vegetables for a crudité platter is getting mocked online.

Back in April, Dr. Oz posted a video of himself 'grocery shopping' to make a point about rising inflation and how it may affect families.

He begins the video by saying he's doing some grocery shopping "at Wegners" because his wife "wants some vegetables for a crudité".

It seems Dr. Oz meant to say either Redner's Market or Wegmans, both grocery stores in Pennsylvania, but mispronounced it.

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"Here's a broccoli that's $2 - not a ton of broccoli there," Dr. Oz says. "Here's some asparagus that's $4, carrots that's 4 more dollars - that's $10 worth of vegetables there."

Picking up pre-packaged salsa and guacamole, Dr. Oz points out that that the total would supposedly come to $20 for a crudité that "doesn't include the tequila".

"We've got Joe Biden to thank for this," he ends.

But the clearly staged video did not resonate with viewers so much as lead to mockery.

Dr. Oz's grocery store trip resurfaced on Twitter on Monday and caught the attention of people like Dr. Oz's competitor John Fetterman.

"In PA we call this a... veggie tray," Fetterman tweeted.

The two competitors have gone back-and-forth on Twitter roasting each other as their election for Senate approaches. One of Fetterman's biggest criticisms of Dr. Oz is he is not from Pennsylvania and declared residence in the state shortly before the race.

But Fetterman isn't the only one laughing at Dr. Oz's video, other people pointed out how out-of-touch the trip was.

"Who thought this was a good idea," one Twitter user wrote.

"Just Oz doing some quick grocery shopping at "Wegners", a store that doesn't exist because he means Redners or Wegmans." Steve Hofstetter tweeted.

"Seeing a lot of critiques of Dr. Oz here and I think it’s unfair. He’s doing a great job for a guy who literally hasn’t done his own shopping in a grocery store or made his own meals in a decade," Leah Greenberg wrote.

"I’m beginning to think even Dr. Oz’s campaign people want him to lose. Millionaire complains that his crudité is too expensive." A Twitter user wrote.

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