Ellen asked Reese Witherspoon and Pink the same question about sex and their responses could not have been more different

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The Ellen DeGeneres Show is great for celebrity gossip.

Her candid, laid back style can often convince celebrities into revealing some of their more intimate secrets.

It was no different this week when actress Reese Witherspoon and singer P!nk appeared on the show.

The trio engaged in the classic game 'Never Have I Ever.'

Ellen begins by asking the question 'Never have I ever received or given a lap dance to a stranger'.

Only Pink and Ellen admitted to receiving one, with the latter's coming courtesy of Channing Tatum.

The next question was 'Never have I ever faked an injury to get out of something'.

Once again only two out of three confessed to this, with Ellen stating that she had never.

However, the third question 'Never have I ever done it in public,' garnered some great responses from Ellen's guests.

P!nk, who was clearly not embarrassed said I have immediately, while Reese was a little more reserved. Just look at her face.

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The 41-year-old actress tried to act innocent and asked Ellen to clarify what 'it' was, but Ellen wasn't having any of it.

The Legally Blonde star then quipped

I will answer as long as there's no follow-up questions!

When the host asked P!nk where the public place was, she revealed that it was a park

Reese didn't want to elaborate crying:

I said no follow up questions.

P!nk couldn't get enough of this exchange.

Picture: Picture: YouTube/ Screengrab

We didn't get a definitive answer from Reese.

However, when asked 'Never have I ever hooked up with someone while someone else was in the room,' her answer was unequivocally 'yes'....But only when she was at college.

Other questions included snooping through a partners phone, getting a regrettable tattoo and going topless on the beach.

You can watch the hilarious segment in it's entirety in the video below.

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