Elon Musk appears to have accidentally displayed his burner account to the entire internet

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It’s been a chaotic few days for Elon Musk and Twitter, and to top it off, he also appears to have accidentally revealed his burner account to the whole world.

It occurred as the billionaire owner of Twitter shared a screenshot that showed content creators how they can monetize their accounts via Twitter subscriptions.

The screenshot showed Musk was logged into his verified account while also showing a profile picture for a second account, displayed where Twitter places users’ other accounts enabling them to quickly switch between them.

Internet users quickly discovered that the profile picture – an image of a young child – corresponds with the picture used on an account called “Elon Test”, with the handle @ErmnMusk.

One user tweeted the discovery writing, “omg I found his burner” and sharing screenshots showing that the profile image matches the one seen in the screengrab.

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The alleged burner account was set up on Twitter in November 2022, just weeks after Musk first took charge of the social media platform.

Its account's history is bizarre, tweeting things like, “For the love of God, can someone follow me” and “Crypto is confusing”.

The account’s first like was a tweet posted on Musk’s official page and it also replied “wow” to a tweet by CNBC about testing Tesla vehicles.

After the Twitter CEO appeared to have accidentally revealed his burner account, the follower count has gone up to over 21,100 at the time of writing, despite the account tweeting less than five months prior, “Now no one follows me :(”

Not long after the revelation, the account tweeted: “I will finally turn 3 on May 4th!”

It refers to the birthday of Musk and singer Grimes’ child X Æ A-12 who was born in 2020. Some users believe it means the “burner” account is actually an account for his son. One wrote: “His kid has an account now.”

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