Who shared the crazy meme: Elon Musk or Don Jr?

Who shared the crazy meme: Elon Musk or Don Jr?
Bitcoin Prices Sink After Elon Musk Posts Breakup Meme

When thinking of notable people who love to engage in meme culture, two celebrities come to mind: Elon Musk and Donald Trump Jr.

Both men have proven their strength in selecting and posting memes to their respective social media pages by igniting conversation, and sometimes real-world consequences.

Musk, who often posts silly niche-humour memes, has affected how people view, buy, or sell the meme coin Dogecoin by posting memes related to it.

Trump Jr, who often posts conservative memes, has generated heat on himself and his family by posting pro-Trump jokes.

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Although the two’s meme taste may seem different, every now and then Musk and Trump Jr have a crossover.

So we’ve generated a short quiz for you to decide: Who posted this meme?

The "meme lord" dad on career day

While both Trump Jr and Musk are dads only one has declared themselves "meme lord."

And that was Trump Jr who posted this to his Instagram.

Trump being invited back to Twitter

When Musk reinstated Trump to Twitter, social media platforms were set ablaze with memes about the former president being tempted to rejoin his once favorite platform.

But it was Musk who shared this on Twitter. Although Trump Jr re-shared a screenshot of Musk's tweet to his Instagram.

Dissing Pride Month

Both Trump Jr and Musk have made similar jokes about corporations and organizations suddenly focusing their attention on LGBTQ+ rights during pride month.

But it was Musk who posted this specific meme.

An in-poor-taste joke featuring Ivanka Trump

It was actually Trump Jr who shared this meme of his sister on Instagram.

The eldest Trump child received backlash for making an inappropriate post about his younger sister.

Yet another Hunter Biden meme

Plot twist, both Trump Jr and Musk shared this exact meme.

Musk posted this to his Twitter while Trump Jr posted this to his Instagram.

Passing the torch

Musk is known to poke fun at himself on Twitter so it may seem obvious he posted this. But it was actually, Trump Jr who posted this to his Instagram.

A reference to Trump's way of saying "China"

Making a joke about Trump just to subtly indicate you kind of liked Trump...

It was Trump Jr who posted this to his Instagram.

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