Elon Musk relieved Hooters isn't closing down over a 'dislike of boobs'

Elon Musk relieved Hooters isn't closing down over a 'dislike of boobs'
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It’s not always easy to tell what information is real or fake online, so when Elon Musk came across a clickbaity article that claimed Hooters was shutting down, he had to inquire.

A Twitter account tweeted a link to an article from The Daily Loud that claimed “Hooters is shutting down and ‘rebranding’ after new study shows that millennials ‘aren’t that into boobs’.”

While clickbaity, the article from The Daily Loud made a misleading claim, using a 2017 article from Business Insider as background.

But like many, Musk, 51, wasn’t too sure if it was real or now.

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Responding to the tweet, Musk said, “Can’t tell if satire or real.”

@WallStreetSilv /@elonmusk

Luckily, the Twitter CEO’s inquiry seemingly got the attention of Hooters who stepped in to clarify the headline.

“Elon if you could let the world know that millennials do in fact love boobs that would be really cool,” Hooters tweeted.


That seemed to be enough to put Musk’s worries to rest.


The original 2017 article about Hooters' rebranding used data from the pornography website Pornhub that claimed young people were the least likely to search for breasts on the site.

The article tied the data to Hooters by saying it was contributing to a drop in revenue which was mainly due to a declining interest in sit-down casual dining restaurants.

To appeal to a younger crowd, the restaurant updated its decor, emphasizing catering, and opened up Hoots Wings.

Hoots Wings is a chicken-wing-centered restaurant underneath the Hooters chain. It has a limited menu and employees are fully clothed, unlike the traditional Hooters.

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