Is Hooters shutting down because 'millennials aren't into boobs?'

Is Hooters shutting down because 'millennials aren't into boobs?'
Viral TikTok about Hooters sparks debate about company's hiring

Hooters has been forced to deny claims that it is shutting down because the millennial generation isn’t into boobs.

The well-known American restaurant chain is famous for its waitresses who wear low-cut tops that emphasise their chests. The brand was started in 1983 in Clearwater, Florida and there are now hundreds of chains worldwide.

A spokesperson for the company has recently denied claims that the company is shutting down and rebranding after viral tweets suggested that the company was changing its whole concept due to changes in the taste of millennials.

One viral tweet read: “Hooters is shutting down and ‘rebranding’ after new study shows that millennials ‘aren’t that into boobs’.”

The post has received over 67,100 likes but on closer inspection, many of the tweets readers pointed out the that the post was incorrectly reporting information from 2017 when some of its locations and attire were made more family-friendly.

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The tweet referenced an article by Complex in 2017, in which it was explained there had been a 7 per cent drop in Hooters locations between 2012 and 2016.

It also mentioned the company’s 2012 spin-off chain named Hoots, in which customers could get the famous Hooters chicken wings but without the scantily clad waitresses.

Stephen Brown, a Hooters spokesperson, told The Associated Press that, as of now, the food chain has no plans for change.

“There is no validity to this story,” Brown wrote. “Guests are enjoying this week’s televised sports events at our restaurants across the country and around the world in record numbers, accompanied by craveable menu items, cold beer and iconic hospitality. Our concept is here to stay.”

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