Elon Musk compared to Simpsons villain for planning to build his own 'utopian' town

Elon Musk apologizes after mocking laid-off, disabled Twitter employee

At this point, it feels like The Simpsons has predicted basically everything that’s ever happened.

Some have claimed it even saw Musk's Twitter takeover coming and now people are pointing out a comparison between Musk and one of the best one-off characters in the show’s history – Hank Scorpio.

For non Simpsons obsessives out there, Scorpio features in the fan favourite episode ‘You Only Move Twice’. It sees Homes move the Simpsons out of Springfield to an idyllic town after he gets a new job working for charismatic boss Scorpio, only to discover later that he is a supervillain with plans to destroy the world.

Now, Musk is being compared again to Scorpio after reports emerged that he is planning to build his own town.

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According to The Wall Street Journal, the Twitter CEO is planning to build his own “Utopia” outside of Austin, Texas close by to his SpaceX facilities.

Is Musk the real life Hank Scorpio?Getty/FOX

The reports claim that Musk is building the town for his employees to live in, and will charge $800 per month for one and two-bedroom homes.

Photos have also been posted on social media by users claiming to show homes that have already been built, as well as a pool and sport fitness centres.

While the reports are new, the comparison between Musk and Scorpio should come as no surprise.

In fact, Musk has even joked about the comparison in the past. Back in 2019 he tweeted saying: “Just because he has a flamethrower and I have a flamethrower doesn’t mean … um … ok fine I’m Hank Scorpio.”

Meanwhile, an anonymous Twitter employee recently claimed that Elon Musk tried to sell office plants to staff in a bid to 'boost revenue'.

Musk has openly admitted the social media platform he bought last year is losing '$4 million every day', and those still working there can see his purse tightening

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