Twitter engineer taunts Elon Musk: 'Fun to look at faces of people you said you'd lay off?'

Twitter engineer taunts Elon Musk: 'Fun to look at faces of people you said you'd lay off?'
Elon Musk reportedly reassures Twitter employees concerned about job cuts

Elon Musk dropped by his potential new office at 1355 Market St. in San Francisco to say hi to the Twitter HQ employees - only to be met with some animosity.

As Musk's $44 billion deal is closing, rumors have swirled about Musk's plans to cut staff by 75 percent.

Although nothing has been confirmed, it seems Twitter employees are anxiously anticipating Friday when the deal is expected to close and Musk will formally address his employees.

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As Musk wrapped up his visit to Twitter's headquarters, one senior Twitter engineer tweeted at him a reminder that the people who work at Twitter rely on the company for a liveable salary.

"Hey @ElonMusk thanks for visiting @TwitterSF. Hope you enjoyed your coffee at The Perch! Just one question: was it fun to look at the faces of the people you said you'd be laying off?" Stephanie Guevara wrote.

Guevara's tweet was met with mixed reviews, some people did not feel sympathy for her or other employees given the platform has censored people and tweets.

Others stood beside Guevara and other Twitter engineers, believing Musk's takeover to be self-indulgent.

Musk tweeted earlier that afternoon he was "meeting a lot of cool people" while visiting headquarters. But the statement seemed ironic given rumors that Musk was planning to lay off staff.

However, those rumors may not be true as Musk reportedly confirmed to employees that he had no plans to lay off 75 percent of staff, according to Bloomberg.

Although this does not mean staff cuts would not happen at all.

Musk's official takeover is expected to happen on Friday when the company will go private.

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