17 of the weirdest Elon Musk tweets ever

17 of the weirdest Elon Musk tweets ever
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Elon Musk- the news-making billionaire whose $44bn Twitter purchase is on hold, constantly tests the boundaries of technology and internet trolling.

Over the last 20 years, the Tesla and Space X CEO has become known for his work in space, his creation of electric cars, and interest in cryptocurrency.

But despite his advancements in the technological space, he can't resist indulging mischievous side and even “likes to live-tweet his poops”.

With that in mind, we’re taking a walk down memory lane to highlight some of the tech billionaire’s weirdest tweets.

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"Jack off the board!"

Musk was referencing Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey being off the board - with a rather risque choice of wording.

"I'm a fan of Jack, btw. Wish he would stay on the board, but I understand that he needs to move on," Musk added.

"Stop the war on straws!"

Musk used a pic of a rather suggestive-looking coffee lid, to address the ways companies have become more environmentally friendly by using cardboard containers and straws.

"Borderline too sexy"

The tech billionaire posted a photo of what seemed like an 18th-century French painting of an aristocrat and said that the art was "incredible" and the man in the image had "great shoes."

"Bullsh*t baffles brains"

Maybe this one isn't so weird, but the alliteration and the apparent pep talk all seem valid "even applied 2 urslf."

"(This message brought to you by the Illuminaughty)"

In a previous tweet, Musk listed ways to fix our feeds on Twitter and that we are "being manipulated by the algorithm in ways" we may not "realize."

"I'm not suggesting malice in the algorithm, but rather that it's trying to guess what you might want to read and, in doing so, inadvertently manipulate/amplify your viewpoints without you realizing this is happening," he added in a subsequent post.

"The Golden State is cooking its golden geese"

Musk seemed to write this as a warning to California residents that politicians in the mostly-blue state have an unfriendly business environment in the state, as well as a soft-on-crime approach that didn't prevent chaos on the streets.

"Sooo tasty at first, but then no more golden eggs …," he added.

"I was always crazy on Twitter fyi"

He penned this tweet in April 2019 and a few days later added: "My Twitter is pretty much complete nonsense at this point."

"Baby Yoda"

Like many of us, the billionaire loves Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian. And he doesn't seem afraid to share some memes about it.

"If life is a video game, the graphics are great, but the plot is confusing & the tutorial is way too long"

He definitely has a point! But is he referring to a game like The Sims or Alien: Isolation?

" Nuke Mars!"

Back in 2015, Musk appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbertand suggested "warming up" the planet by dropping thermonuclear weapons on its poles.

Colbert believed that it made Musk sound like a supervillain, and maybe he's on to something. But Musk re-iterated his sentiment in August 2019.

SpaceX now sells "Nuke Mars" T-shirts.

"the color orange is named after the fruit"

This could easily be considered one of Musk's shower or toilet thought tweets.

But doesn't just say this and run - when someone tried to say that nothing rhymes with orange, Musk responded with, "door hinge."

" Yeah, I lift a little …"

Well before former President Donald Trump was tweeting photos of his head on a shirtless Rocky Balboa, Musk morphed into Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

This version of Musk could easily pick up a Tesla and carry it around.

"Tesla blows haha"

Following his tweet that "Tesla is going to develop a quiet, electric leafblower," Musk seemingly poked fun at his own company.

"Technically, alcohol is a solution"

Although it is not an original joke from him (he admitted in another tweet that he saw it on a T-shirt), fans still took a shot at acknowledging it, with more than 153,100 retweets and over 566,000 likes.

" Hi Chad, long time no see! Fine, if you touch my wiener, you can have a horse."

This was posted after YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley tweeted at him to stop "horsing around and close the Twitter deal" because we all "want a happy ending."




Well, these don't all mean the same thing, but hey.

"World's Best CSS Developer" Trophy

On May 21, Musk shared a screenshot image of an asymmetrical trophy with this phrase etched on it.

Apparently, the award is for those who "flex our boxes and colour our backgrounds."

CSS developers are web professionals whose main task is to deliver a polished and refined product to the visitor's browser.

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