Jack Harlow mocked for claiming he’s the best white rapper since Eminem

Jack Harlow mocked for claiming he’s the best white rapper since Eminem

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It’s a pretty big claim to say you’re the second-best white rapper behind “Rap God” artist Eminem, yet “First Class” musician Jack Harlow has done just that on his latest album Jackman, specifically on its second track, “They Don’t Love It”.

Harlow, who previously made headlines for having two Black men carry him over a field of mud and claiming he lost his virginity “twice”, seemingly referenced Eminem’s iconic track “Lose Yourself” in his song’s lyrics.

In the 2002 release from Eminem – real name Marshall Mathers – the musician throws out the lines: “His palms are sweaty / Knees weak, arms are heavy / There’s vomit on his sweater already / Mum’s spaghetti.”


Now, in “They Don’t Love It”, Harlow boasts he is “the hardest white boy since the one who rapped about vomit and sweaters”, telling listeners to “hold the comments” because he’s “better than whoever came to your head right then”.

Shots fired.

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Except, a lot of people on Twitter aren’t really on board with the idea, bringing up the likes of Mac Miller, Action Bronson and Machine Gun Kelly who were making a name for themselves long before Harlow released his debut album That’s What They All Say back in 2020:

And it’s not like Mathers and Harlow are on bad terms, either, as the pair collaborated on a remix to the former’s track “Killer” in 2021.

In that same year, Harlow revealed he had a “special” phone call with the rapper in which he “gave me a lot of props that any artist would love to get”.

“Sometimes, the best gem is just somebody you admire, letting you know who you think you are. He let me know, ‘you’re that. You’re dope.’

“I’ve waited a decade to hear that,” he said.

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