Jack Harlow called out for being carried over field of mud by two black men

Jack Harlow called out for being carried over field of mud by two black men
Jack Harlow carried across mud to avoid getting shoes dirty

Jack Harlow has received a mixed response for having two members of his security carry him across the mud to avoid getting his shoes dirty.

The First Class rapper was spotted at the annual Kentucky Derby on Sunday (7 May) in his hometown of Louisville. Harlow was captured being carried across the muddy terrain by his security guards in an effort to keep his off-white silk suit and loafers clean.

However, when the viral clip was posted to the official Kentucky Derby TikTok account, something didn't sit right with viewers. Some users hit back that it "didn't feel right" that a white man was being carried across the field by two black men.

One TikTok user hit back and said: "Something bout this doesn’t feel right", while another added, "This set us back a few years."

A third questioned: "So jack Harlow getting carried by black men wasn’t weird to y’all?"

Another user joked that the 24-year-old's PR team would be scrambling right now.

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Shoes first. #KentuckyDerby #jackharlow #shoes @Jack Harlow

Some users were left cringing from the clip, asking: "How is he not embarrassed by this?"

Meanwhile, other TikTokers said to read the room.

"The dudes are laughing he’s laughing.. just seems like a funny bit that they carried out," one penned. "Y’all need to chill and look at some context clues."

A second highlighted: "Do y’all not see the guards were smiling and laughing about it too… why y’all tripping?"

"Ummmmm……if I had some expensive shoes on I’d be doing the SAME thing," another said.

Harlow's second studio album Come Home the Kids Miss You dropped on 6 May featuring collaborations with Drake, Justin Timberlake and Lil Wayne.

Indy100 reached out to Jack Harlow's representatives for comment.

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