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Melania Trump only follows five people on Twitter, so just imagine how bleak her timeline might be.

However horrifying the image that your mind has drawn up, we can assure you the reality is infinitely weirder.

Here's a screenshot of the people followed by the First Lady's official Twitter account, @FLOTUS, which has 9.7 million followers.

Picture:Picture: Twitter / @FLOTUS

Melania follows her husband twice, which is nice.

Seemingly the 5 tweets that the President spits out daily from his personal account, an average taken from Twitter Counter, is just not frequent enough for the First Lady.

Her husband, therefore, makes up a remarkable two-fifths of who she follows, as calculated by hardcore analysis from indy100.

The next 40 per cent of her list consists entirely of the Pence family - that's Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen.

But let's turn our attention to the anomaly of the collection: the only other person that's made the cut is Barack Obama.

Even weirder, it appears that Obama is the most recent addition to her following list.

Novelist Matt Haig first spotted this strange state of affairs.

One Twitter user suggested that Obama was probably left over from when the account was in Michelle Obama's name.

But this was quickly refuted.

The White House has previously stated that official accounts are wiped, and the contents transferred to new handles, between administrations. Whether this means the following list is also reset, we're not too sure.

Regardless, following five people doesn't require too much admin and spring cleaning - so it's hard to imagine that no one who runs @FLOTUS is aware they follow Obama.

Melania Trump also has a personal Twitter account where she follows a bizarre selection of 55 people, ranging from Eric Trump to Diddy.

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