For some unfathomable reason, Jaÿ-Z is spelling his name with an umlaut

J, A, Y and Z. Those are the letters by which Shawn Carter prefers everyone uses to refer to him.

However, the exact formatting for his moniker seems to have changed. Again.

As FactMag points out, the hip-hop artist appears to have inserted an umlaut above the Y on his name on Tidal (his music streaming service), making him Jaÿ-Z. He has also done this on his last two posts on Facebook.

The Fader believes this could be a nod to his early days - when he occasionally used the umlaut in his name - in a bid to promote an upcoming tour where he'll perform all the B-sides from his career.

You may have also noticed the reintroduction of the hyphen - something which he dropped in 2013 to become, simply, Jay Z.

What a time to be älive.

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