Ever been filled with (possibly inordinate) rage at inconsiderate parking? Of course you have.

Well pedestrians and cyclists in Marseille have found that revenge is a dish best served brightly coloured and sticky, shaming bad parkers with bumper stickers reading 'Garé Comme Une Merde - or 'Parked Like A Sh-t' (GCUM).

Drivers blocking pavements, cycling lanes or pedestrian crossings in the city are now finding the GCUM stickers left on windshields and doors upon their return.

According to the Telegraph, thousands of the stickers, which come in a variety of designs and colours and cost €19 (£14) for a pack of 60 have been sold in recent weeks.

They have been spotted on cars in other cities including Paris, and the hashtag #GCUM has quickly sprung up, used by both the company account and enthusiastic Marseille residents:

A spokesperson for the campaign's organisers, the Revendic’Art group, said that motorists are keen buyers of the stickers too.

The idea is to ease the psychological pain experienced daily by thousands of frustrated drivers, forced to drive up to the 10th floor of the car park because some need three spaces to feel comfortable.

HT: Telegraph

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