Woman tweets about being too “successful” for her friends to handle, internet reacts accordingly

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What makes a good friendship?

Mutual respect?

Shared taste in memes?

Same nemeses?

Nope; according to Twitter user @Themagicmuir, who goes by the name Ciara, it’s being able to tell your friend when their success makes you too jealous. Now that’s good communication folks!

In a viral tweet, Ciara outlined a situation that’s arisen between herself and a friend.

“One of my friends told me she can’t talk to me right now, because my success is triggering her insecurities and jealousy,” she wrote.

Sounds healthy and definitely not a private thing you should probably keep between you and your pal, instead of sharing with the internet to not-so-subtly humblebrag about your great life.

But no fear, there were wiser interpersonal teachings to be had.

“I respect the hell out of her for being open and vulnerable,” Ciara continued.

“Communication is key, which is why we must all come from a place of non-judgement”.

I too, respect my friends who tell me I’m such an overachiever they can’t stand to be around me.

Perhaps realising that her post perhaps didn’t portray her completely as a friendship saint, Ciara followed up her original post with a tweet stating that everyone is “capable of success”.

If I can do it, so can you,” she wrote. “It’s a matter of believing in yourself. All it takes is dedication and action.”

And apparently ditching your mates who make you feel bad.

Weirdly, many (MANY) people praised Ciara for her ‘honest’ and ‘mature’ approach to friendship (by dunking on her mates publicly).

Others, however, were more cynical about Ciara’s intentions in posting the tale.

Siri, is it great communication and a solid act of friendship to log on and tell everyone your mate is a hater and you’re a glowing success?

The jury remains out.

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