Gary Barlow's 'nice day out' at a vineyard becomes latest TikTok meme

Gary Barlow's 'nice day out' at a vineyard becomes latest TikTok meme

Gary Barlow's 'nice day out' at a vineyard becomes latest TikTok meme


Gary Barlow has become an unexpected TikTok meme after posting a brief video about his "very nice day out" at a vineyard.

The Take That frontman has his own wine range (aptly named Gary Barlow Wines) which launched back in 2021, and it's a passion of his that "has been developing over the years," according to his brand's website.

Hence why Barlow posted a video yesterday (April 5) on his wine brand's TikTok account from a vineyard where he looked ecstatic to be amongst the grape-bearing vines.

The 53-year-old smiled at the camera for an uncomfortably long time before he declared: "This is my idea of a very nice day out."

He continued to beam (perhaps from all the wine tasting) as he used his other hand to stop recording.


The perfect day is at the winery! #winery #winelovers #garybarlow #garybarlowwines #winetok @Gary Barlow

Following this, the video has gone viral with nearly 1m views as people in the comments section roasted the Let Me Go singer for his "boomer pause" (like the millennial pause, but much longer).

One person said: "You've heard of the millennial pause now get ready for the Gary Barlow pause."

"He鈥檚 in his Facebook mum era," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "That pause was a paid actor."

"It鈥檚 giving dad on TikTok," a fourth person commented.

But the reaction didn't stop there as people have been hilariously stitching Barlow's video.

In one example from @r1ssyr00, who pretends he is being choked by Barlow as the former X Factor judge lifted up his other hand to stop recording and therefore making the movement amusingly seamless.


#duet with @Gary Barlow Wines #winery

While @pigginteabreak with his stitch pretended Barlow shoved his hand in his mouth.


#duet with @Gary Barlow Wines #winery #comedy #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

Meanwhile, other people have using the clip of Barlow to share what their "very nice day out" looks like.

For @evsylover, she edited Barlow outside a Wetherspoons pub and wrote: "Me when someone suggests pregaming at spoons until 11 then going to the local dogs*** club."

Have you ever seen a more British meme?


what a class night out x #fyp #nightout #foryou #uni #hungover #club

While @lobissett edited Barlow into a packed concert and wrote: "When someone asks why I queued from 10am for a show that starts at 8pm."


Hold your judgement please 馃檹 #thisismyideaofaverynicedayout #garybarlow #harrystylesloveontour

For the booklovers, @whatkatreads dropped Barlow into a bookstore and wrote: "When my friend suggests going to a bookshop and pointing to all the books we own but haven't read yet."


follow that with coffee and a pastry & i鈥檓 yours for life #booktok #bookshops #bookfriends #booklover #bookshopping #whatkatreads

"When there's a glimmer of sunshine and you can get out on a soft hike with your best," @softgirlswhohike where they duplicated Barlow, added hats, tea and a guide with a countryside backdrop.


when will the storms end? 鉀堬笍 #softhiking #girlswhohike #hikinguk #bamfordedge #garybarlow

Elsewhere, Barlow's wine range consists of Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Blush, as well as Red wine and White wine which are all organic.

"My definition of a great evening includes friends, laughter and sharing good wine. I've been fortunate to travel the world, experiencing different cultures and developing a passion for fine varieties of wine along the way," Barlow previously said.

Barlow's wine range is available to buy via Wine Delivered and supermarket Asda.

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