Gillian McKeith is urging unvaxxed men to ‘name the price’ of their sperm and everyone’s confused

Gillian McKeith is urging unvaxxed men to ‘name the price’ of their sperm and everyone’s confused

Gillian McKeith is back at it again with her nonsensical anti-vaxx Covid-denying rhetoric – only this time, she’s made a bizarre request on Twitter that’s left everyone both disgusted and scratching their heads in equal measure.

The 62-year-old took to Twitter to share a GIF of a sperm swimming before telling unvaccinated men to “name your price” – indicating that the sperm of unvaccinated men is more valuable than the sperm from unvaccinated men.

“If you have a non jabbed version of what you see here.....you can name your price! #HoldTheLine Your country needs you!” she tweeted.

Of course, there is literally no evidence of this. In fact, a study examining the semen of men before and after getting the vaccine suggested that the Covid vaccine has no effect on sperm, Forbes reported. The study used four factors to measure male fertility: sperm concentration, sperm mobility, total motile sperm count and semen volume.

Still, McKeith was undeterred, urging in another tweet for unvaccinated men to do their “duty to your country and the future of humanity.”

“Non jabbed men! You have an extremely valuable commodity. So do your duty to your country and the future of humanity is to #HoldTheLine We are counting on you...” she added with the hashtag “#HoldTheLine.”

Unrelenting in her odd ramblings, McKeith followed up her previous tweets by falsely describing unjabbed men as the “control group” who she claims are “essential” for “all kinds of reasons” (which she obviously didn’t list).

Of course, people on Twitter had a LOT to say about McKeith spreading misinformation surrounding sperm and Covid vaccines.

Dr. Julia Grace Patterson – who, unlike McKeith, is actually a qualified doctor – called out the TV personality, describing the tweets as “health misinformation” and “dangerous.”

While others - including another doctor - also pointed out that McKeith doesn’t have any medical qualification and therefore any credibility when it comes to dishing out Covid-related health advice - such as asking unvaccinated men to sell their sperm...

Elsewhere, others who clicked find out why McKeith was trending on Twitter were left horrified at the reason and wishing they hadn’t clicked on it.

It’s fair to say people were annoyed with McKeith’s latest stunt and made it known.

While some were able to joke at McKeith’s expense, referring to reality star Gemma Collins’ famous line “F**k off Gillian McKeith,” and the fact she is known as the “poo lady” for her methods of nutrition analysis. Perhaps she’s looking for a new nickname?

It’s not the first time McKeith has caused controversy over her Covid conspiracy theories.

Just as recently as last month, she spectacularly misunderstood a funeral home’s pro-vax advert – as she didn’t do some basic research – and in July she was duly roasted for sharing a Covid conspiracy acrostic.

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