Gillian McKeith shared this Covid conspiracy acrostic – and was duly roasted

Gillian McKeith shared this Covid conspiracy acrostic – and was duly roasted

Gillian McKeith is best known as the “poo lady” who taught the public about nutrition, and the I’m a Celeb contestant who fainted ahead of a bushtucker trial but, more recently, she’s made a name for herself as a leading Covid denier.

The 61-year-old former Celebrity Big Brother contestant has been a vocal opponent of the Government’s coronavirus restrictions over the course of the pandemic, clamouring against lockdown and peddling anti-vaxx conspiracies.

Her Twitter feed has become a stream of videos and commentaries about England being “on a fast train to a police state”, calls to delete the NHS track and trace app, and just general fury at all things vaccine-related.

But whilst most of her posts feature furious and often lengthy rants, on Wednesday night she went for something more cryptic.

McKeith, who agreed to drop her former “Dr” title in 2007 after her academic credentials were called into question, tweeted a bizarre acrostic, reading: “Certificate Of Vaccination I D,” adding: “Truth is always in plain sight.”

An acrostic is when letters in each line of a poem or word puzzle form a word or words. So yes, she seems to be suggesting that “Covid” not a real virus but a ruse to get people jabbed.

Her message instantly sent social media into a frenzy, racking up more than 3,000 retweets within half a day.

However, they were largely not from people backing her wild theory but from users relishing the opportunity to give her a good roasting, many of whom came up with their own alternative acrostics.

Here are some of the funniest responses (warning: some of the language is a touch fruity):

Naturally, McKeith was among those promoting protests in London on so-called Freedom Day when most coronavirus restrictions were lifted across England.

In another Twitter splurge, she hailed the demonstrators for “choosing truth” and “freedom” as she demanded there be “no forced or mandated jabs for anyone”.

At the time, she also listed a series of ambiguous “words of the day”, again implying there were conspiracies at play:

And she offered one resounding suggestion of how the crisis would eventually end:

We’ll keep sticking to tests, vaccines and the advice of top health experts. Thanks, Gillian.

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