Gordon Ramsay opens Times Square restaurant and NYC critic calls it a Kitchen Nightmare

Gordon Ramsay picks out lamb to kill and eat in controversial TikTok …

TV chef Gordon Ramsay opened a new fish and chip restaurant in New York City, which critics have called a “kitchen nightmare”.

Ramsay opened Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips in the city’s iconic Times Square at 1500 Broadway. But, the reception may not be as pleasant as he hoped after a rather scathing review was shared online whose title poked fun at Ramsay’s TV show Kitchen Nightmares.

In an article headlined, “Gordon Ramsay’s New Fish and Chips Restaurant Is Its Own Kitchen Nightmare”, Robert Sietsema from the publication Eater visited the newly-opened restaurant.

Sietsema noted that Ramsay has previously opened two restaurants in the city, both of which have since closed down.

He described the chef’s newest place as “a barely adorned basement” where the main decoration is “United Kingdom flag motifs” and graphics of the words “fish” in antique-looking fonts.

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The same critic explained that the menu offers up a choice of cod, shrimp or chicken, with skin-on fries that can be upgraded to “dirty fries” which, for an additional $3, include toppings of jalapenos and crumbled chorizo.

Sietsema sampled the cod and chips and rather scathingly wrote: “The heart of the menu is the fish and chips ($17.99): three same-size logs of cod with a glistening beer batter coating.

“The fish is good, though mind-bogglingly bland. [‘Why doesn’t this fish have any flavor, damnit!’ Ramsay might have shouted on his TV show, his quaking face bright red].”

The review of the “odd” chicken sandwich was not much better, as they found it equally as bland as the fish.

He wrote: “Anomalously, it involves two chicken breast cutlets (need I say bland?) deposited in a pair of pitas on top of some coleslaw heavy with mayo.”

On a more positive note, Sietsema enjoyed the Biscoff milkshake, though suggested that it may confuse American customers.

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