Grimes says she's 'proud of white culture' and complains about being called a 'Nazi'

Grimes says she's 'proud of white culture' and complains about being called a 'Nazi'
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Grimes, the pop star and former partner of Elon Musk, has admitted that she gets frustrated that she gets called a Nazi because she is "proud of white culture."

The often outspoken and quirky artist took to Twitter/X on December 31st seemingly intent on seeing out 2023 with some controversy.

In what appears to be an unprovoked post the 35-year-old Canadian wrote: "I’m called a Nazi because I happily am proud of white culture."

She added: "But every day I think fondly of the brown king Cyrus the Great who invented the first ever empire, and the Japanese icon Murasaki Shikibu who wrote the first novel ever. What if humans just loved each other? History teaches us that we have all been, and always will be – great.”

This opened Grimes, real name Claire Boucher, to lots of concerned replies and questions, with one person accusing her of being a white supremacist. She responded by saying that she is a "human suprematist - humans are amazing."

Another person questioned why someone celebrating the work of Mozart or Archimedes would be called a Nazi but could see why the phrase 'white culture' would be worrying to some.

Grimes replied by saying: "Tolkien lamented the damage nazis did to the melting pot that is "white culture" and as a European mutt, I firmly agree with him. My complaint is the western ignorance of everything else, such as kublai khans popularization of paper money and mechanics."

Another person accused her of not being motherly and deliberately putting out a provocative statement. Grimes again doubled down by saying: "I want my children to be brave and think of all humans, not just themselves. So I feel fine saying this. Western history ignores its lineage. The idea that white ppl r superior can only exist if u ignore history."

Someone else asked her: "If I got this right, you're not only able to conceptualize white culture without referencing all sorts of violence that are historically related to it, but are also proud of it?"

She responded by saying that it was "racist to pretend whites have always been in power. All humans have contributed to our worst and best."

When someone asked her to delete her post she said: " I will ride always for the beauty and ingenuity of all humans. It is only those who refuse to look at history who think anyone superior or inferior and I will happily die on this hill."

Grimes did at least write in one post: "I hate nazis."

Grimes does have a history of controversy mostly due to her association with Elon Musk and naming their children often unpronounceable names. She has also come under scrutiny from her own fans for 'liking' alt-right memes.

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