You won't believe which UK politician has backed Donald Trump oh OK it's Nigel Farage

You won't believe which UK politician has backed Donald Trump oh OK it's Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage (remember him?) has claimed that Donald Trump is riding high in the Republican polls because he's adopted Ukip's anti-establishment rhetoric.

In a speech to the conservative Heritage Foundation thinktank in Washington DC, the Ukip leader said:

I do think some of the things he's picked up on in the last few weeks are very similar to the kind of things we've picked up on in British politics – the feeling that there is a centralised bureaucracy in Washington, maybe not connecting with some of the concerns of ordinary people.

Farage, whose previous forays in the US have been inadvertently entertaining, rejected the notion he was the "British Donald Trump".

He said:

In terms of Donald Trump, I would avoid any comparison but I like to think of myself as the updated Henry VIII.


Trump is topping some opinion polls among Republican voters for who should win the party's nomination for the White House, but his campaign has been dominated by frequent assertions that Mexican immigrants arriving in the US are drug-using rapists.

Farage courted similar controversy during the UK election campaign when he repeatedly warned against the NHS providing treatment to foreign-born HIV sufferers.

In the US speech, he said the number of migrants crossing the Mediterranean to reach Europe from North Africa and the Middle East were of "genuinely Old Testament, biblical proportions".

Farage also described Nicola Sturgeon as that "ghastly woman north of Hadrian's Wall" and said her SNP party was both "nationalist and socialist" - a clear reference to the Nazis.

Stay classy, Ukip.

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