This MP managed to sneakily wear a football shirt in the House of Commons

This MP managed to sneakily wear a football shirt in the House of Commons

If you think you spied a Scottish football kit in Parliament for PMQs, then you'd be correct.

During oral questions to the Secretary of State for Scotland, the SNP member for Livingston, Hannah Bardell, stood up and said, alongside a question about public sector job losses:

I’d also like to put on my record the very best wishes of everyone on these benches for the Scottish football team - I’m wearing their colours, I hope you don’t mind.

I used to play alongside two of Scotland’s national players at university. Their career has obviously done better in football than mine.

People noticed:

Part of the reason is that Scotland take on England tonight in the Euro 2017 Group D opening fixture for the two sides.

The other part is that it was the Sports Day for the House of Commons today, and Bardell had competed in it prior to going to the Commons:

Side note: those are some excellent tekkers.

The sports day was to raise money for the Met Police Benevolent fund.

Ms Bardell when asked for comment by indy100 said the shirt was worn to support the national team and draw attention to the ongoing pay disparity between men and women in the sport despite the growing popularity and mainstream appeal - engagement has doubled in the last six years. She cited the well-funded infrastructure in countries like Canada, Australia and the United States, where the women's game has seen large success and popularity with committed funding.

She also pointed out it was a momentous day for Scottish football:

This is the first time any Scottish side, men or women's  has taken part in a major tournament for 20 years - so it's a very big deal for the country. 

Today was about making a point if I’m honest, I wasn’t sure if I was going to get away with it, but the Speaker took it in the good humour with which it was intended to be taken.

I’m sure you remember when Keith Vaz wore Leicester kit in the Commons last year – it was intended in that spirit with a little bit of good humour but to draw attention to a point.

I thought since it's the last few days of the term I'd take the chance and thankfully he took it in the way it was intended.

I appreciate not everybody will take it in the good humour with which it was intended, but it's for a good point.

She predicted a tense draw in tonight's fixture:

I’d probably predict a draw because I think it’ll be a hard fought game.

I'd probably go with 2-2. 

She also told indy100, that the two players in the national side she had played with in her university days were Leanne Ross, alongside while at the University of Stirling, and against Goalkeeper and national captain Gemma Fay who played at the University of Edinburgh, downplaying herself as "more of a five a side player" than her fellow alumni:

I played against Gemma when she was at the University of Edinburgh - she once took me out in the box good and proper!

Edinburgh were our big rivals.

Surely a penalty?

No, she won the ball fair and square, she is an outstanding player.

England take on Scotland at Stadion Galgenwaard in Utrecht, kicking off at 7.45pm tonight.

Ms Bardell's question in the house to the Scottish Secretary, was as follows:

Mr Speaker, Livingston and West Lothian already has a low proportion of public sector jobs in Scotland, and ranks 20 out of 32 local authorities.

The private sector is strong but with the loss of HMRC jobs the percentage of public sector jobs is going to go.

Will [Mr Mundell] come to my constituency and face up to the reality of those job closures or at least receive a delegation as is his duty as Secretary of State?

Mr Mundell replied that he would be "very happy" to meet with Ms Bardell.

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