Harry Styles shaved his hair off and became an instant meme

Harry Styles shaved his hair off and became an instant meme
From One Direction to solo sensation: Harry Styles' path to pop icon …
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Fans of the British singer Harry Styles have been left bereft after the star cut off his luscious locks and got a buzz cut.

For many of his devoted fanbase, his famous hair is part of his charm and it was even captured in the artist David Hockney’s portrait of him, which hangs in the National Portrait Gallery.

Rumours had already begun to swirl about his new look before it appeared to be confirmed after he was spotted at a U2 concert in Las Vegas in a very grainy photo.

One fan begged, “Lord please help me in these difficult times” as they shared the apparent confirmation that Styles now has a “buzz cut”.

The message they shared claimed that the former One Direction member still looks good. But, it seems the loss of his formerly side-swept hair affected fans very deeply as the whole thing became an instant meme.

While there is no solid proof beyond a grainy picture, it seems some of his most loyal following might need a moment to process it, if true.

With the help of videos, pictures and memes, fans certainly did not hold back in letting their feelings of grief known.

One person had a theory that he did it because he watched the Beckham documentary on Netflix and got inspired by the early 2000s nostalgia of it all.

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