This woman shared the heart attack symptoms all women need to know

This woman shared the heart attack symptoms all women need to know
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Heart attacks are often associated with older men, but they are increasingly occurring in women, according to the latest research.

Although women often experience typical signs of a heart attack like chest pain and shortness of breath, the symptoms do vary between men and women.

One woman took to Twitter to share her experiences of heart attack symptoms to spread awareness among other women.

The Twitter user, known as gwheezie, wrote:

The pain ran across my upper back, shoulder blades & equally down both arms. 

It felt like burning & aching. I actually thought it was muscle strain. 

It wasn’t until I broke into drenching sweat & started vomiting that I called 911

She described herself as an "older woman", and spoke about how she originally thought her symptoms were just muscle strain from helping her neighbour clear out her barn.

She added:

I almost died because I didn’t call it chest pain.

Other women shared their stories in response:

Doctors also commented about the importance of recognising the different heart attack symptoms men and women can experience.

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