How is Logan Paul linked to Lana Rhoades?

How is Logan Paul linked to Lana Rhoades?
Impaulsive host claims father of Lana Rhoades' baby is NBA player

YouTuber turned boxer Logan Paul has made a name for himself as a star in the ring.

He also gets attention from fans and fighters because of his antics and the little out-of-the-ring debacles.

With that being said, the content creator's name was all across social media because of former porn star Lana Rhoades.

Well, it centres around Mike Majlak, Paul's close pal, roommate, and podcast member.

In 2020, Paul introduced Majlak to Rhoades. After that meeting, the two eventually got into a romantic relationship.

Rhoades even made an appearance on Paul's Impaulsive podcast show as a guest.

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For a little bit, everything seemed like smooth sailing. However, things took a turn when Majlak and Rhoades decided to split up.

Majlak did confirm the break-up and didn't provide any statements about Paul causing the relationship to crumble.

Instead, Majlak said Rhoades wanted to purchase a home and move in together, but he wasn't ready for that step.

There were also rumours swirling around about Paul's involvement, but there was no concrete news about it.

Rhoades did have her suspicions that Paul "succeeded" in causing her relationship to end.

Still, she didn't mention what exactly happened between the trio.

Flash forward, Rhoades, who left the adult entertainment industry five years ago, has since launched a YouTube channel and podcast, 3 Girls 1 Kitchen, with Olivia Davis and Aleza Adams. They discuss topics such as sex, dating and culture.

Rhoades also gave birth to a baby boy in January.

She tends to avoid spilling details about her personal life on social media, but attention swiftly turned to who the baby's father is.

The assumptions were further provoked when Paul revealed that it was an NBA player in an episode from his podcast in August.

Both Paul and Majlik Paul and Majlak were accompanied by The Breakfast Club radio host Charlamagne tha God.

Majlak, who has hung out with Rhoades and her son, shared that he was in a relationship at one point with Rhoades.

"She's doing well. She's got a baby with a big-time NBA player."

Charlamagne, who was intrigued, asked: "Really? Who's the player?"

Paul took it upon himself to reveal the player's name, which was bleeped out for those tuning in. Meanwhile, Charlamagne seemed shocked by the news.

In an episode of Rhoades' podcast in June 2021, she said a basketball player had asked her out.

She didn't share any names, but she said he wasn't "spicy enough" and added that he brought a "backup date."

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