Hugh Grant branded 'biggest d*** in world' for 'rude' Ashley Graham interview at Oscars

Hugh Grant branded 'biggest d*** in world' for 'rude' Ashley Graham interview at Oscars
Stars walk red carpet for 2023 Oscars

Hugh Grant gave a bizarre red carpet interview at this year's Oscars which left some viewers asking whether there was beef between him and Ashley Graham.

The Notting Hill actor, 62, looked like he wanted to be anywhere else as Graham gave him some softball questions about how he was feeling.

It started out badly when she asked his favorite thing about the Oscars.

Struggling to put a finger on a single positive for several seconds, he eventually said: "Um... well... it's fascinating. The whole of humanity is here. It's Vanity Fair."

She tried again, this time asking what he was most excited to see. He appeared to misunderstand the question, forcing her to clarify.

"No-one in particular," he replied.

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The time-honoured question of asking stars who or what they're wearing was also shot down by Grant: "Just my suit," he deadpanned before adding that he couldn't remember the name of his tailor.

Trying one last time to flatter him, she praised the movie Glass Onion, in which he had a cameo, but even that didn't work.

"I'm barely in it, I'm in it for about three seconds."

It led to some raised eyebrows online and questions on why he behaved in that manner.

Viewers were left puzzling over the motivation for the glum interview - with some asking whether there's a history of 'beef' between the pair.

One wrote: "Wow, Hugh Grant must have some beef with Ashley Graham; worst Oscar interview answers all time!!!"

Grant's bluntness isn't a

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