A double amputee has reached the summit of Colorado's Manitou Incline - a steep climb that attracts people from all over the world.

Mandy Hovarth, 24, from Colorado Springs, Colorado, completed the trail using only her arms and rear in just four hours.

It's an incredible 2,700 steps, and it gains 2,000 feet (610 m) in less than a mile (1.4km), with gradients reaching 68 per cent.

To her knowledge, she's the first ever female double amputee to complete the climb, and she even managed it without any training.

In 2014, Hovarth was struck head on by a fast moving train in Steel City, Nabraska after being incapacitated by what is now expected to be a date rape drug.

The accident nearly killed her, and left her without either of her legs. But instead of holding her back, being disabled has inspired her to achieve even more.

On completing the challenge, she said she was proving her mantra:

Tell me that I can't and I'll show you that I can.

In an interview with the BBC, Howarth explained that the reason she decided to complete the climb was to raise awareness for Limb Loss Awareness Month:

It's actually Limb Loss Awareness Month. That was a big factor in doing it, just to get it out there and advocate for other people that are disabled, missing a limb, veterans and etcetera.

Her next aim with the climb is to get it recognised in the Guinness Book of Records, and she's aiming to raise $10,000 to bring an adjudicator to Colorado to witness the record and put it in the books.

In the future, she wants to open a disability friendly restaurant, where she'd love to hire amputees as her staff.

Speaking to Colorado TV network KDVR, she said:

I just keep going. Just plain and smiple. I live my life just like anyone else, and I just do things a little differently.

She continued:

We all go through phases of depression, anxiety, sadness, life struggle. Go outside. Climb something. Run. And if you can't - crawl.

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