Lady Gaga inspired to add arnica to make-up after fibromyalgia battle
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Lady Gaga fans say the pop singer has "superpowers" after a viral clip appeared to show an "invisible force field" to protect her from an object that was thrown toward her during one of her concerts.

The Rain On Me singer began her Chromatica Ball world stadium tour in Germany on 17 July and has performed in France, The Netherlands and Sweden as she embarks on the tour's European leg.

One lucky fan named Adrin (@noah3020) managed to see Lady Gaga perform live in Dusseldorf last weekend and captured the strange moment on camera.

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While Gaga danced on stage, another fan in the crowd threw an object in her direction - only for it to suddenly stop mid-air in it's intended path and fall to the ground as if there was a barrier preventing the object from travelling further.

What's even stranger is there didn't appear to be a barrier visible to the naked eye in the footage.

In a tweet, Adrin shared the peculiar clip on Twitter and wrote: "CONFIRMED: Gaga has an invisible force field that protects her from dangerous objects as shown in the video."

"This is not edited btw I took the video and didn't even notice it until a few minutes ago," he added in a follow-up tweet.

It has since gone viral with 4.3m views, and 110,000 likes as people were perplexed as to what they were seeing, while others joked at what the cause could be.

Some offered more simple explanations for the clip that involved a stage fan and a material called scrim that is typically used for special effects.

Though original poster, Adrian soon reacted to his tweet going viral and gave some further clarity.

"Not my force field tweet going viral… now people are demonizing gaga… IT'S JUST AN ELECTRIC FAN," he wrote.

So that's something for fans to keep an eye out for if they attend the Chromatica Ball...

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