15 times James Blunt proved he was the king of Twitter trolling

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Back in 2005, few people would have predicted that James Blunt - the singer-songwriter behind the love-it-or-hate-it ballad You’re Beautiful - would become one of the internet’s finest purveyors of trolling.

Blunt is still possibly best known for his songs but even if you aren’t a fan of his music he is a must-follow person on Twitter, mostly because of his unbelievably brutal comebacks to his critics.

The 47-year-old recently appeared on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing where he sang a stripped back version of his hit Goodbye, My Lover.

Although many people were touched by the performance not everyone was a fan. One viewer tweeted: “James Blunt voice goes right through me #pressesmute @bbcstrictly”.

Blunt’s witty reply was to say: “Coz you’re so hollow, baby.”

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This is just one example of the shade Blunt dishes out on Twitter on a regular basis so there feels like no better time than the present to revisit some of the man’s greatest hits on social media.

Warning: Some of this is very NSFW.

1. When someone asked him if he had sex in a hotel bed

2. When someone said his songs made them vomit

3. When he called a random Twitter user his ‘Mum’

4. When he admitted that his own music is ‘s**t’

5. When he trolled someone for having sex to his music

6. When he trolled someone who claimed that everyone would forget about him if it wasn’t for his Twitter

7. When someone complained about having to listen to one of his songs at work

8. When someone complained about Radio 2 playing his songs too much

9. When he waded into a spat between Piers Morgan and Olly Murs

10. When he swore at Jeremy Hunt without actually swearing

11. When he announced the bad news that he was releasing an album on the same day as Adele

12. When he trolled his biggest song...

13. ...and did it again

14. When he admitted that he would only go to his own concert if he was paid.

15. When he trolled the people who think that ‘he’s beautiful’

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