Jeremy Corbyn has apparently been 'stripped' of a status he never had

In the latest news on the right-wing media's crusade against Jeremy Corbyn, the Daily Telegraph has reported that the Labour leader has been stripped of "right honourable" status.

The paper reports that the Queen's advisers told parliament to remove the title, which had been attributed to Corbyn on his parliamentary profile page until late last week as well as mentioned by David Cameron at PMQs, after Number 10 "wrongly implied" he had joined the Privy Council.

Corbyn's failure to join the centuries-old council at the earliest opportunity last Thursday has been in the news since it emerged the Labour leader had "snubbed" the Queen - whom he would probably have to kneel in front of and kiss her hand - for a jaunt in the Highlands.

A spokesperson for the Privy Council told the Telegraph, simply: "Jeremy Corbyn is not yet a member of the Privy Council therefore he is yet to have the Right Honourable title."

Without being a member of the Privy Council, Corbyn is not able to be briefed on matters of national security - which could prove problematic when deciding which way to vote on airstrikes in Syria - and he will have to send one of his shadow cabinet team who is - like shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn.

However, the Labour leader's communications officer confirmed to i100.co.uk that Corbyn does intend to join the Privy Council, and anyway, it's not like he's the first leader of the opposition to miss the first opportunity to be anointed - like, er, David Cameron.

One of the oddities of the story is that Cameron was appointed in his absence, just days after being elected as Conservative leader, despite having also "snubbed" the Queen.

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