What Jeremy Corbyn was doing instead of meeting with the Queen

Jeremy Corbyn passed up the opportunity to be inducted into the Privy Council by the Queen on Thursday.

Initially citing he was just 'too busy' to possibly take up the invitation, we now know what the leader of the Labour Party was up to instead of rendezvousing with Her Majesty.

And no, he wasn't washing his beard.

According to The Sunday Times the leader of the opposition was eating a dinner of fish and chips accompanied by a soft drink at the Ben Nevis bar and restaurant in Fort William.

Reports suggest Mr Corbyn was enjoying a spot of food after a day spent walking in the Highlands.

Restaurant owner, John MacLennan, is thought to have shared a picture of the Labour leader on Facebook alongside the caption: "'Can I have my steak well done, please?' No problem Jeremy, we will get the chef to nuke it for you!"

He said:

He was very pleasant, an absolutely pleasant man - not my politics, I'm completely the opposite spectrum, you know - but very pleasant, nice guy.

H/T Evening Standard

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