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If you missed it, Jeremy Corbyn and Héctor Bellerín shared a moment at the GQ awards at the expense of Piers Morgan, after the columnist and Good Morning Britain presenter complained about Arsenal's form on the wing-back's night off.

Morgan's actions have been pretty widely laughed at by the Twitter public, seeing as he saw fit to complain in a national online newspaper column about his complaints not being listened to on a player's night off.

Bellerín got involved too:

Seeing this, Mr. Corbyn replied and the pair continued the exclusionary chat:

Roughly translated the exchange reads as follows:


It was a pleasure to meet you. Better to not say what we were talking about, he wouldn't understand. Very good game in Sunday's match.


Thank you very much Mr Corbyn and of course, it's between us! It was a pleasure to meet you!

Piers has reacted with all the grace and humility you'd expect:

And we can all predict what the reaction has been to that:

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