Joey Essex met Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems changed the name of their party to Liberal Democats

Reality TV star Joey Essex is meeting political leaders this month to interview them for his ITV show Educating Joey Essex.

Today he caught up with Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, having attended a press conference in which he seemed to be struggling to stay awake.

At one point Essex asked the deputy prime minister why the party he leads is called the Liberal Democrats, but when Clegg explained the historic merger of the Liberal Party and the SDP, he was told that still didn't explain why they were called the Liberal Democats (sic).

Much hilarity ensued, and later the Lib Dems even updated the banner on their website, proving they will pretty much do anything to get noticed these days.

Essex meanwhile said that Clegg was a "nice bloke", and that he admired his honesty for admitting he wouldn't be prime minister.

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