He's been working on this one for five years
He's been working on this one for five years

Left out of the important TV non-debate last night and experiencing a prolonged slump in the approval ratings, it's fair to say the momentum behind the Liberal Democrats' election campaign isn't quite as hefty as it was this time five years ago.

But behold, the clever souls at Lib Dem HQ (fresh in the wake of creating Danny Alexander's big yellow briefcase and Nick Clegg's oh-so-funny Uptown Funk mash-up) have made this 404 error page on their website.

Upon visiting a dead link on the website, like this one right here, browsers will show the above holding page.

Featuring a photo of a deflated prime minister, the heading boasts: "Just like David Cameron's third term, this page does not exist," referencing the Conservative leader's Shredded Wheat-laden announcement that he will not stand for a third term at the end of the next parliament.

This isn't this first time the Lib Dems have engaged in such raillery. Back in February they took a swipe at Ed Balls and Labour:

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