Johnny Depp's explicit text about his 'tongue touching his penis' read out in court

Johnny Depp's explicit text about his 'tongue touching his penis' read out in court
Johnny Depp laughs in court as nurse questioned over explicit note about ...

As the defamation trial between actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues, explicit texts from Depp have been read in court.

Depp is suing his former wife Heard over an article she wrote in 2018 which was published in The Washington Post and detailed her experience of domestic abuse.

While the actor remained unnamed in the piece, Depp’s lawyers argue that Heard implied falsely that she was the victim of physical and sexual abuse at the hands of their client.

The couple married in 2015 but decided to end their relationship the following year.

Depp is seeking $50million (£39m) in damages in the defamation case against Heard. She is countersuing her former husband.

As part of testimony in the case, apology texts sent from Depp to his nurse Debbie Lloyd, after he refused to see her or anyone else, were shown to the jury

The message read: “Hey sweetheart, I’m so sorry about today. I thought you were Stephen, whom I’m not particularly enthused about for his loss of loyalty and his loss of memory.

“He has tried everything to f**k me over as far as travelling with my wife. He also bursts into my f*****g house like it’s goddamn Grand Central Station. I’m truly sorry if I upset you.”

It continued: “If you like you can give me some morphine to see if my tongue and penis touch. All my love, J.”

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A pre-recorded deposition from Dr David Kipper was also shown to the jury. Kipper treated Depp for opioid addiction in 2014.

In a message Depp sent Kipper in 2015, the actor appeared to reference his ex-wife, writing: “Hi f**k man had another one. I cannot live like this. She is as full of s**t as a Christmas Goose.

“I’m done. NO MORE!!!! Constant insults released from a malicious evil and vindictive c**t!!!!!

“You know what’s far more hurtful than her venomous and degrading educational ranting??? Her hideously and purposely hurtful tirades and her goddamn shocking treatment of the man she was meant to love above all.”

He continued: “Here’s the real deal mate…her obsession with herself is far more important. She is so f*****g ambitious!!!! She’s so desperate for success and fame. That’s probably why I was acquired, mate. She has hammered me with what a sad old man has been I am.

“I’m so very sad.”

According to Heard’s lawyers, her 2018 article is covered by the first amendment of the US constitution. They also claim there is evidence Depp abused her during their relationship.

Other shocking moments from the trial include testimony claiming Depp sexually assulated Heard with a liquor bottle.

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