Johnny Depp's bodyguard has revealed how the star handles his booze and drugs

Johnny Depp's bodyguard has revealed how the star handles his booze and drugs
Hollywood lawyer says Amber Heard op-ed hurt Johnny Depp's career

Johnny Depp's bodyguard has taken to the stand to testify on the actor's drug use amid the ongoing defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard - and the evidence was fascinating.

Depp filed the $50 million lawsuit against his ex-wife after she wrote an op-ed piece in 2018 for The Washington Post whereshe said she was a victim of "sexual violence." Although she didn't mention Depp by name, the actor is arguing that her insinuation has cost him his career and reputation.

Since then, fans have watched as Depp recounts his experience with abuse growing up and in his relationship.

The security guard, Travis McGivern revealed today just how many times he has seen Depp take drugs, and the effect that those drugs appeared to have on the actor's mental state.

McGivern testified he previously saw Depp use marijuana "too many times to count." He further clarified how much this meant and said, "I mean daily."

He also stated that he has seen the 58-year-old actor use cocaine "a couple" of times.

The security guard shared that Depp is "chill" and "mellow" and even went as far as to say "super-mellow" when on marijuana. On cocaine, McGivern testified that he feels like the drug "levels him [Depp] out."

McGivern also shared that he has only seen Depp drunk once, despite the actor having been open with his alcohol use. "Other than that Mr Depp handles his liquor very well," he said.

Surprisingly, the security guard testified he has seen Heard drink quite regularly.

"I have seen her physically try to prevent him from leaving. Grabbing his arms, pushing him. I don't know if that's physically abusive, but I have seen that on multiple occasions," he said at one point of Heard.

A petition asking for Heard to be removed from the superhero movie has reached more than two million signatures amid the trial against her.

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