Psychiatrist spammed with one-star Google reviews after testifying against Depp in court

Johnny Depp Trial: Physician-psychiatrist discusses substance use

Psychiatrist Dr. David R. Spiegel testified against Johnny Depp in court - leading the star's fans to leave the doctor one-star reviews on Google.

"Mr. Depp has behaviors that are consistent with someone that both has substance use disorder as well as behaviors of someone who is a perpetrator of intimate partner violence," Dr. Spiegel said in court.

Dr. Spiegel was hired by Amber Heard and her lawyers to testify against Depp's mental state throughout Heard and Depp's relationship.

However, Dr. Spiegel's conclusions were drawn from depositions Depp, 58, gave and other materials shown in court because Depp's lawyer's prevented the doctor from directly interviewing him.

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Depp is suing Heard for $50 million citing defamation based on a 2018 op-ed Heard, 36, wrote for the Washington Post in which she described being a victim of domestic abuse. Although Depp was not directly mentioned in the piece, people assumed Depp was the person Heard was writing about causing damage to his reputation.

Upon testifying that Depp showed alleged behaviors consistent with "a perpetrator of intimate partner violence," fans of Depp took to Google Reviews to give the psychiatrist one-star for his testimony.

"It's my honest opinion this man should be getting therapy himself not giving it," a user wrote three hours ago.

"Unprofessional, arrogant, hostile doctor. He should be stripped of his medical license if he got any," a review from one hour ago read.

"Dr Spiegel showed up for our appointment looking like he had just rolled out of bed. I offered him a comb and he looked at me bewildered as if he’d never seen one before. Then he threw a bottle at me and the tip of my finger was severed. Very bad experience," a reviewer wrote three hours ago.

"How do u testify about someone and have never met them he’s a total fraud," a reviewer posted less than an hour ago.

During a heated cross-examination, Depp's team questioned Dr. Spiegel's conclusions given that the American Psychiatric Association’s Goldwater Rule which states doctors should not diagnose the mental state of a public figure if they have not personally evaluated them.

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