People are going in on Jordan Peterson's awful new 'Batman' suit

People are going in on Jordan Peterson's awful new 'Batman' suit
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Controversial right-wing figure Jordan Peterson is typically known for being in the headlines due to his outrageous views, but now, he’s drawn attention for his rather eclectic outfit.

Peterson is a Canadian clinical psychologist who has grown a following thanks to his controversial views on gender, masculinity and political correctness, among others.

Along with loyal followers, he also has his fair share of critics and now they’re going in on him for his recent and bizarre outfit choice.

On Twitter, someone posted a screengrab taken from Peterson’s Instagram account that showed him sitting down and wearing a suit jacket that was half navy and half maroon, and paired with maroon trousers.

The tweet has caused a stir online with many using some of Peterson’s most controversial comments against him.

One person wrote: “‘Men’, what's keeping you from dressing like this?” Another suggested he was, “Larping as a Batman villain”.

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Using the exact quote Peterson wrote about a plus-sized model, someone tweeted: “Sorry. Not beautiful. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that.”

Another joked: “Bro so transphobic he had to make his suit binary too.”

In a YouTube video, Peterson could be heard explaining that the suit was one of 12 made for him. That particular one was meant to represent “heaven and hell”.

On the inside of the suit jacket, the navy side was lined with material depicting a blue sky, while the other side had a lining that resembled flames.

The “heaven” side was made from wool from a sheep, while the “hell” side was made from the wool of a goat.

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