Jordan Peterson thinks there is 'a bit of Hitler in everyone'

Jordan Peterson thinks there is 'a bit of Hitler in everyone'
Jordan Peterson tells Piers Morgan 'there is a bit of Hitler and ...

Jordan Peterson is never far away from a controversial opinion or outlandish statement but his latest claim is likely to raise the eyebrows of just about everyone as he thinks we all have a bit of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler within us.

The outspoken conservative Canadian professor and commentator has been in the UK this week as part of a speaking tour and made a stop off at Piers Morgan's Uncensored Talk TV show on Wednesday evening.

The pair's conversation which was...how shall we say 'interesting' primarily focused on the biggest talking point of the day which was Russian president Vladimir Putin's fresh nuclear threats to the West after he announced a partial mobilization of troops to Ukraine.

As a psychologist, 60-year-old Peterson tried to give some analytical thoughts on Putin but one statement even stopped in his tracks.

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"Well, he's a lot more like everyone else than anyone thinks," began Peterson. "The notion that he's Hitler or Stalin, that's just foolish. I don't see any evidence for that at all.

"First of all Hitler and Stalin were very singular types. There's a bit of Hitler and Stalin in everyone so there's some truth in that."

Morgan interjected and questioned this unusual claim for Peterson. "A bit of Hitler in everyone. Really?," the journalist said.

"There's more than a bit," Peterson replied.

A still astonished Morgan replied with "really" again.

Peterson continued: "Oh absolutely. Well, why would Nazism have spread the way it did? People think that's all talked down. It's not talked down."

Morgan added: "Didn't [Joseph] Goebbels say the best way to get vast numbers of people to go along with what you want to do is to terrify them? In a way that's what Putin is doing with the Russian people as he's going back to a position of 'they are all trying to get us, they want to attack us, they want to take us over.' He's terrifying his people to really support for what is at the moment is a conflict he has started that isn't going the way he assumed."

Unfortunately, Peterson doesn't offer any further thoughts on why we all have a bit of Hitler in us but you are welcome to watch the rest of the interview yourself which sees him give a prediction on how the war will end and why Putin's methods are similar to his favourite topic 'cancel culture.'

Jordan Peterson Debates The Psychology Of Vladimir Putin With Piers Morganwww.youtube.com

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