Joy Behar off-air for third-straight day and The View fans demand answers for mystery absence

Joy Behar off-air for third-straight day and The View fans demand answers for mystery absence
Joy Behar could retire from 'The View' any day now

Fans of The View have started to demand answers surrounding the mystery of Joy Behar not appearing on the show for the third day in a row.

Sara Haines has remained absent from the show because of Covid-19, and fellow guest host Ana Navarro had her first day off following Wednesday’s show this week.

Behar, however, continued her unannounced, unexpected absence for the third day in a row, which left fans wondering where she was - and if she was sick.

Whoopi Goldberg, the show’s moderator, shared a brief update about the comedian on Monday, but she hasn’t revealed more details about her absence since then.

The hosts were basking in the tropical Bahamas for a week to have a working vacation celebrating the show’s 25th anniversary. Last week, they also had a hiatus from the show.

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Now after the two relatively chilled weeks, fans wondered why Behar wasn’t back on the show, despite its return with new episodes starting this past Monday.

One person on Twitter wrote: “Where in the world is Joy Behar? @JoyVBehar #WhereYouAt.”

“@JoyVBehar from @TheView Where are u? We need ur intellect & sass. U are missed. Hope all is well,” another added.

A third, who also shouted out Navarro, wrote: “@TheView, where is the A-Team? @JoyVBehar @ananavarro I DVR the show to watch at night but erased it today. Nothing worth watching. I’m growing tired of you recycling and rehabilitating Republican hosts.”

“Where in the world is Joy Behar?" Getty

As other people wondered if there were issues with Behar’s contract that has her not on the show this week, it was recently revealed that she’s signed on for more episodes of the show.

Earlier this month, Behar’s rep dismissed the rumours that she is retiring from The View and told the New York Post that it was “fake news.”

They also revealed that her new contract will keep her on the show until 2025.

It is not known how much Behar is being compensated for the new contract. However, she reportedly made $7m per year in her previous deal.

Indy100 reached out to ABC for comment.

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