Justin Bieber confronts fans for waiting outside his apartment - ‘This is my home’

<p>The 27-year-old was greeted with some unexpected visitors outside his home </p>

The 27-year-old was greeted with some unexpected visitors outside his home

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A TikTok has surfaced of Justin Bieber fans lingering outside his home in hopes of meeting the star - and the singer giving an impassioned plea for them to leave him alone.

The video, posted on Friday, shows the ‘Peaches’ singer leaving a car to enter the apartment building where he lives. Instead of a peaceful return, he finds himself bombarded with a crowd of fans urging him for photos and hugs.

\u201cIt\u2019s like she heard nothing that he said\u201d,  one user commented “It’s like she heard nothing that he said”, one user commented @vanessafex (TikTok)

In response, Bieber politely declined and explained: “I hear you, I hear you. But this is my home. You know what I mean? This is where I live...

“And I don’t appreciate you guys being here. You know when you come home at the end of the night, and you want to relax? This is my space to do that. So I would appreciate it if you guys could leave.” 

The star told fans, \u201cThis is my home" The star told fans, “This is my home" @vanessafex (TikTok)

People took to TikTok to admire Bieber’s ‘gentlemanly’ approach. One said: “Its crazy how he’s so polite, and calm. Big respect for him.”

Another felt second-hand embarrassment for the persistent fan when she asked for a hug after being told by the singer that he didn’t appreciate them being outside his residence.

He commented: “When he explained so nice and she asked for a hug still. I folded in half and sucked back into my shell I felt that embarrassed”

A third joked, “What she heard: So you’re saying there’s a chance.”

This isn’t the first time Bieber has highlighted his need for boundaries in his personal space. The 27-year-old called out fans on his Instagram story back in October 2020 - again, for waiting outside his home.

He posted: “How do you convince yourself it’s not completely inappropriate and disrespectful to wait outside my home to gawk, stare and take pictures as I walk into my apartment...

“This is not a hotel. It’s my home.”

Talk about unexpected visitors.

You can watch the full video here.

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