NEWS OF THE WEEK: Justin Bieber dismisses defamation lawsuit

Justin Bieber was booed at a Montreal concert after he made a comment about his favorite team, the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Bieber who has regularly shown his support and love of the Leafs decided to make a special shoutout during his concert to the team.

He began by saying, "How about those Leafs though, huh?"

The "Favorite Girl" singer then went on to praise his close friend for scoring a goal against the Canadiens, saying: "Auston Matthews is really doing some work here in Montreal."

He also went on to poke fun at the Montreal Canadiens and said, "How's that playoff spot looking for you guys this year?" He later added, "Maybe next year, maybe next year."

Fans, however, did not appreciate Bieber mocking their beloved team and loudly booed the singer while he was on stage. Chants of people yelling "F*ck you" can be heard hurled at Bieber.

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One fan captured the awkward moment in a video. "My video of Justin Bieber getting booed bc of the leafs and the crowd chanting Go Habs Go," they wrote in a tweet.

Watch the video below (if you're in the US at least, location rules mean it may not show up in the UK):

"This is the greatest… @justinbieber in Montreal last night rips on the @CanadiensMTL - as a Habs fan myself… I find this ballsy and hilarious. I love it. And he ain’t wrong @MapleLeafs have done better this year @Sid_Seixeiro @PeteBlackburn," read one tweet.

"I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER!? Trolling a sold out Montreal concert by talking about how much the Leafs rule and Habs suck is such a fucking chaotic move that I can only ever DREAM of accomplishing," wrote another person.

Someone else said, "I was today years old when I became a fan of Justin Bieber."

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