Justin Trudeau just trolled Donald Trump in the best possible way


Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister and international heartthrob, marked International Women’s Day with a promise to invest $650 million into reproductive health and rights around the world.

Over the next three years, this funding will contribute to providing sex education, family planning services and help prevent forced marriage and female genital mutilation. It will also help women to get safe and legal abortions, The Star reported.

Trudeau said:

This is not only a tragedy; it is a missed opportunity for many countries that could benefit greatly from the economic contributions of women. 

It is important that as a world we recognise that empowering women, that respecting their rights, is fundamental to building a world in which everyone has a real and fair chance to succeed. 

Meanwhile, things are looking a bit different over in the US – where Trump has blocked funding to organisations that provide or promote abortion services in other countries, leaving them short of hundreds of millions of dollars of support.

Trump remarked in his presidential campaign that “some form of punishment” should be in place for women who have abortions if they become illegal.

What a difference a border makes.

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